Partnership working with clients, families, professionals and community groups is the cornerstone of our success and we encourage feedback on our services so as to ensure we continually improve.

As a small community, we actively encourage residents and their families to become partners in care and to offer their help, experience, skills and opinions to assist us to:

Clients are encouraged to choose how they spend their day within the home in a positive manner.

We encourage clients to individualize their rooms by, at the homes discretion, bringing small pieces of furniture, pictures etc into the home.

Opinions & Ideas
Clients are encouraged to contribute to small daily duties within the home as they wish and to attend residents meetings in order to offer their opinions and ideas.

Skills & Talents
Clients and families are encouraged to get involved in events within the home and to offer their skills and talents at planned activities.

Family, Friends & Staff
Clients are encouraged to maintain social contacts by getting out and about as much as possible with appropriate levels of supervision from family, friends and staff.